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Callinspector - Telecom Expense Management (TEM) continuously helps to companies of various size to manage and optimize telecom expenses both for mobiel and fixed services.
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1/4 of Bratislava city travels daily from its suburb (analysis pool: 81.761 people)

  • 23% people stays during a working day in Bratislava city,  (incl. kids&students, employees and retired people).
  • 27% of daily workerks and students from Bratislava travel out of the city during weekends regularly (weekly shifters).
  • 14% of people living and sleeping in Bratiskava spend weekend out of the city 
Why not to make a survey via a text message about their preferences and needs for transport situation in the capital city

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Source: analytical pool of 81.761 people, anonymised and aggregated geolocation data from mobile devices by MARKETLOCATOR which is available at



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