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Callinspector - Telecom Expense Management (TEM) continuously helps to companies of various size to manage and optimize telecom expenses both for mobiel and fixed services.
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Traffic generator for showrooms of automotive dealers

 Adastra Partnering presented on ŠKODA CRM Summit the tool Crowdspector - Big Data Monetization & Population Analytics and how to benefit out of it in automotive industry. Car importers and dealers can use population analytics on the map in order to find prospects fitting to segmentation criteria + immediatelly to send them targetted promotion via SMS/MMS. 

A proper new location of showroom can be planned easily according to hard data of population visualised on the map. Profiles of event visitors on showroom are preciselly tracked even without their registration.

This is a must-have tool for launching of new model or organization/measurement of events.

#skoda #crm #automotive #trafficboosting #leadgeneration #showroom #bigdata #monetization

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