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Callinspector Telecom Expense Management software solution

Reduce your company phone bill easily by up to 25%!
“How much do you spend on telecom services every month?” This is the first thing we ask potential clients. Our own experience, backed up by third-party research, clearly shows that organizations don’t know their overall costs, and only partial costs are visible to managers responsible for monitoring them.

What is also clear is that telecom costs increase each and every year, not only because of higher rates, but also because of more intensive and widespread use of smartphones and tablets. Most alarming are the gaps in knowledge and lack of company-wide understanding of the basic issues around managing telecom expenses. Few organizations can answer most of the following questions:

  • How many cell phones and land lines do you have?
  • Who are the owners of the devices? And who is paying for them?
  • Are all your cell phones efficiently utilized or could some of them just be generating unused call minutes somewhere in a locker?
  • How much do you pay for your employees’ private calls?
  • Are your tariff plans being optimally used?
  • Are you sure your former employees no longer use your devices or plans?
  • Which devices should be changed or upgraded?
  • Are you really paying only for services outlined in your contract?
  • Would it make sense to change service provider? What can the competition offer?
If you feel that your telecom bill is poorly managed and that your costs are rising, our proven Telecom Expense Management solution will put you on the right track and give you the expense tracking software to manage your phone plans and bill efficiently.

Callinspector Telecom Expense Management (TEM) platform will help your company understand, actively manage, and reduce your telecom costs using several functional modules.

How Does it Work?


Uploading your
invoices is
quick & easy

Upload the electronic invoices of all your company cell phones and fixed lines into Callinspector. Your operator provides these upon request, often free of charge. Callinspector - Telco Expense Management (TEM) processes a wide variety of invoice types from major service providers.

Let the engine do
the work: involve your users

Callinspector's intelligent self-learning mechanism will consolidate and analyze your invoices using a number of business rules and previously remembered call patterns to identify potential savings and suggest optimizations. Actively involve telco service end-users and managers in a spending revision process using a streamlined workflow.

Understand your spending: monitor
& optimize

Callinspector - Telco Expense Management gives you and your users a comprehensive overview of usage. Reports reveal areas for potential savings on telecom services, and suggest optimization options for particular items. Users of various levels are provided with deep insight, reports, ad'hoc analytical services, spending statistic dashboards, and much more.

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