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Callinspector TEM Delivery Options

No matter what your size, we have a solution for you
Callinspector TEM, our comprehensive and flexible Telecom Expense Management solution is built to deliver immediate value and dramatic cost savings to companies of any size, achieving ROI within the first year of platform usage! Our flexible delivery options allow you to begin enjoying cost savings from day one. Whether you are looking for a Cloud Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or an on-site option, Callinspector Telecom Expense Management provides multiple delivery options in line with your infrastructure, catering to your needs with a low barrier to entry.

Callinspector - Telecom Expense Management (TEM) supports Cloud SaaS and hosted on-site and BPO delivery options

Software as a Service (SaaS) Hosted On-Premise (Licensed Software) Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
Callinspector Telco Expense Management SaaS option is the perfect solution for any organization that requires software with no large initial investments costs and IT management costs. The Callinspector Telco Expense Management hosted on-site option is the best solution for companies that would like to have their data behind their firewalls, on their own server with access over the internet. BPO is the best option for companies focusing on their core business and want to dispose of every-day hassles related to management of Telco services.
We host the software on our infrastructure, which allows a quick project initiation with lowest possible initial investment, minimizing hardware, software and IT management costs. In addition, based on the version you choose, we can provide add-on services such as import of invoices and detailed statements into the Callinspector Telco Expense Management (TEM) platform, processing of the entire TEM lifecycle and providing outputs for your HR, ERP systems as well as complex report sets. All this provides an opportunity for further savings and service optimization with your Telco providers. Enterprises can host the Callinspector Telecom Expense Management (TEM) software behind their firewalls, on their infrastructure. We will support you through-out the deployment process, provide you with ongoing professional support services, helpdesk, and with software upgrades based on your licensing arrangement. We manage the entire telecom expense management lifecycle for you. You, as our customer, approve invoices for payment, procurement of devices, and we manage the rest on behalf of you. You get rid of all the daily hassles, you no longer need to care of provider communication, order processes, procurment processes, (re)negotiation of rates, or of the end-user help-desk. You can focus on your core business and we will manage Telco for you.
SaaS (on-demand) Hosted on-site (on your own server) BPO (complete outsourcing of Telco management)
Monthly fee based on your real cost savings and number of devices. Included in price are online support, updates and upgrades, manuals Monthly or quarterly fee based on your real cost savings and number of devices or licenses purchased with yearly renewal fee. You can choose your level of support, update and upgrade services Individually agreed and tailored to your needs
Accessible via any web-browser on Callinspector web-site Accessible via any web-browser on your corporate infrastructure Accessible via any web-browser on the Callinspector web-site
We set up and maintain the system, you maintain and load the data You set up the system and install the upgrades (updates) or use our Professional services for initial set-up We set up the system, and we also load and maintain all the data for you

Callinspector Telecom Expense Management Software as a Service (SaaS) solution provides multiple options based on desired level of services. You can choose from the following options

Callinspector Telecom Expense Management
SaaS packages
    FREE Starting at 100€/month
2 months free
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Provider (carrier) independent invoice upload OK OK OK
Unified Database across all providers OK OK OK
Automatic download of invoices from web portals     OK
Contract validation   OK OK
Invoice reconciliation   OK OK
Call policies
& Usage limits
Approval workflow for end-users   OK OK
Company policy definition   OK OK
Usage limits   OK OK
Private & exceptional call identification engine Limited OK OK
End-user cost allocation (private/business/etc.)   OK OK
Cost allocation to hierarchies (WBS, cost-centers)   OK OK
& Assets
Asset catalogue   OK OK
Automatic ordering & procurement     OK
& Insight
Basic reporting OK OK OK
Advance optimization and saving reports   OK OK
Advanced ad'hoc analytical reporting   OK OK
Personal dashboards   OK OK
Reports email subscription   OK OK
Access Access for Telco Managers & Controllers OK OK OK
Access for Employees /  End-users   OK OK
Advanced user roles   OK OK
Email notifications   OK OK
Users management     OK
Assets & Device management     OK
Cost-centers, hierarchy maintenance     OK
Invoice upload     OK
Exports for HR, ERP systems     OK
Integration Advanced Import / Export functionalities   OK OK
Enterprise integration   Optional Optional
Other Managed devices 80 Unlimited Unlimited
User & Invoice data storage 3 months 24 months 24 months
Multi-Language OK OK OK
Multi-Currency   OK OK
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