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Crowdspector Data Monetization
and Population Analytics

Data monetization is a hot topic today. No wonder. Companies in all sectors, of a shapes and sizes are generating vast amounts of data.

As Gartner reports “Data Monetization is increasingly becoming a significant business activity for most companies. While less then 10% of Fortune 1000 companies have a data monetization strategy today, it is projected that 30% of businesses will monetize their data and information assets by 2016.”

The problem most of them face is the lack of experience or expertise to harness the potential that such data creates. Crowdspector is a solution that allows the shift from "just data" to a revenue generating asset. Learn how to simply monetize your data and how the data of others can guide you through many strategic decisions.

From attracting the attention of customers & understanding their shopping habits through planning of infrastructure development to search & rescue dispatch – all these require a thorough understanding of population movement, socio-demographics, and time developments. Have you lately been asking one of the below mentioned questions? What did you base your final decision on?
  • Where should I locate my business? Should I relocate? Does location have an effect on customer visits compared to competition?
  • Who are my customers and how & where do they spend their time? How do they travel to my business? Where do they go afterwards? What effects their decisions (e.g. weather)?
  • Has my recent campaign been successful? Did it reach the desired target population? Where and how should I target a certain customer group?
  • How could I monetize the vast amounts of data I have to collect & store?
  • As a government or municipality how should I plan new infrastructure and transportation links? Where is it most necessary and desired? How can I effectively prepare and prevent the spread of communicable diseases? How could I increase the speed of search & rescue?
These and many further questions can be answered using the Crowdspector Population Analytics service. Choose the appropriate point-of-view to see your personal success story:
  • I am a data holder and want to monetize this untapped resource
  • I am business, marketing agency, government, researcher interested in population analytics
  • I am an interested, however concerned member of the public

How Does it Work?

Data holders feed anonymized population data into Crowdspector, where it is micro-segmented.
These micro-segments are cross-synchronized with micro-segments from other data sources (e.g. banks, telecom operators, sat-nav providers, TV providers etc.) to create a unique, rich, real-time population database.
The database is made accessible in a simple, real-time web interface for the needs of marketing experts, companies, governments and research.

Data providers

Monetize your data

Are you a company generating vast amounts of population data, such as a bank, telecom company, IPTV provider? Have you been wondering how you could monetize this vast but expensive resource?

When combined with data from other data providers it can become an invaluable source of information, generating stable revenue streams. Additionally the insights generated by the data are an invaluable source of business and marketing information.

Where is the business case for me?

By linking your anonymized database to Crowdspector this data becomes available to Crowdspector data consumers. Each time a unique data point is used in a data consumer query from your database, the revenue generated from this transaction is shared.

Data consumers are charged depending on the level of detail they require. Thus the more detailed and unique data your company is able to provide, the higher and less diluted your rewards will be.

Crowdspector handles all data processing, thus your company only needs to provide data that is fed to Crowdspector through a one-way data masking server. This data masking server is located within your infrastructure to guarantee data confidentiality and to abide with Personal Data Protection directives. With minimal effort you gain access to a new revenue stream and a unique data source for your marketing and business activities.

Data consumers

Population analytics at a whole new level

Crowdspector allows me to visualize real-time population movement on special heat-maps and deliver vast population summary statistics (location, financial, socio-demographic) in exportable reports. In practice this means I can simply and visually answer questions such as:
  • When is my business most frequented? What has been changing? How do I compare with my competitors? Should I consider relocating?
  • Who are my customers and how and where do they spend their time? How do they travel to my business? Where do they go afterwards? How effective is my marketing & merchandising?

I pay for these insights based on the level of detail and uniqueness of data I require. This allows for both cheap advertisement analysis as well as very detailed customer and location statistics.

Who are obvious data consumers?

Business owner / manager
  • Understanding movement patterns (where do customers go before/after my store)
  • Understand effects of weather, concerts, elections etc.
  • Benchmark against competition
    Marketing agency
  • Target specific customers with well positioned campaigns
  • Analyze effectiveness of campaigns by movement change
  • Understand who is your target group and what their habits are
  • Understand links between socio-demographic indicators and population movement patterns
  • Link media behavior and financial/educational factors
  • Study special event behavior (elections, festivals, disasters)
  Government / Municipality
  • Infrastructure planning (roads, public transport)
  • Urbanism (development plans; school, pool, town hall locations)
  • Search & rescue optimization
  • Epidemiology (spread of communicable diseases)

General Public

No need for privacy concerns

We understand the worries the general population may have when presented with a technology which tracks movement. Although such data is currently already stored at banks or telecommunication providers, it‘s not well known or understood to the general public. Crowdspector thus understands the need for transparency on how sensitive data is handled and express an utmost stringent confidentiality and security policy.

I am a member of the general public
  • I have no need to worry since data in Crowdspector is anonymous.
  • Only my mobile phone provider, bank etc. has my personal details and keeps them strictly confidential.
  • All data traveling to Crowdspector for processing first flows through a Data Masking server located at your telco provider, banks etc. Crowdspector does not, and never will have data that can directly identify you.
  • No input from my side is necessary and I will benefit from:
    • better infrastructure planning,
    • better located businesses,
    • more efficient search and rescue,
    • advertising that I am actually interested in

Market Locator

Application in the real world for one of CEEs largest MNOs

Our Crowdspector software and technology has been successfully used to create a unique product for one of CEEs largest MNOs. Market Locator combines the worlds of targeted marketing and population analytics to create a unique offering for B2B clients. All the while a maximum level of security and anonymity is guaranteed with our advanced anonymization & aggregation machine.

Read more about Market Locator here.
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O2 Telefonica
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