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Market Locator

Population analytics and mobile marketing.
Market Locator is a service providing targeted mobile marketing and population analytics which has been brought to market by Slovak Telekom (a Deutsche Telekom group member). The solution is built atop Adastra Partnering's Crowdspector platform, which uses telco's anonymized & aggregated residual data and currently uses SMS messages as a targeted communication channel. The service is composed of two key components - the Business Intelligence component and the targeted mobile marketing component.

Targeted mobile marketing

Targeted mobile marketing In the Market Locator solution it is possible to target mobile marketing messages based on demographic indicators and location. When creating a campaign the client chooses the location (multiple types of location - official, work, sleep, weekend...) on a map. In a next step the client filters the specific population and thus defines who is to be reached. Clients are able to target based on filter criteria such as age, gender, type of mobile device, use of mobile data and many more.

Clients are able to precisely measure the effectiveness of their campaign based on click rated or the consumption of unique codes inserted into the campaign messages.

Population analytics

Population analytics

Market Locator presents population distribution on very easy to understand visual heat-maps. Clients are able to filter data on the map based on multiple filter attributes - mentioned above. All the presented data is completely anonymised and aggregated to ensure maximum security and anonymity of individual persons.

Population analytical case studies

A new shopping mall needed to better understand the population living / working in its vicinity. Based on this insight they carefully crafted their marketing effort.

With limited time the client was not able to apply traditional market evaluation techniques such as surveys. Using Market Locator this client was able to flexibly and on a huge sample determine the typ of people living / working / spending the weekend in the area. They where able to perform this analysis visually on heat-maps which they where able to filter to achieve the correct target.
A bank looking for suitable locations for new branches used Market Locator insight about population presence during business hours.

Optimised choice of new branch location for rapid expansion was the clients objective. Based on information in Market Locator the bank's analytical unit had abrupt access to "hard-data" which in the past would have been almost impossible to obtain. By analysing this data the team was able to optimise new branch location to be in line with where their potential clients spend their work hours and subsequently determine the ideal opening hours.
A restaurant chain needed to understand the differences in clients between its own branches and differences to competition

This chain compared its branches and their location amongst each other and then against competition. They analysed what the differences during the day / evening / weekend are. The chain's owner was very pleased to have a quick and reliable answer to his questions without the need of specific analytical skills - he just analysed the differences on a visual heat-map between locations, different dates / times and based on different filters.
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