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What is MINE

What is MINE
Interactive customer communication,
Social CRM & and much more...
MINE is a new sales and servicing online channel for social networks. A personal assistant bot, MINE scans users' current geographical location and content on their online profiles (e.g., Facebook and Google). MINE combines this actual customer life-cycle information and preferences with relevant propositions from merchants. MINE uses human-language-like chat to interactively deliver messages to specific customers using Facebook messenger or Google Talk. MINE handles ad hoc requests from users in an interactive dialogue using advanced text content recognition and a knowledge database.

Benefits for merchants
  • The “online generation” still shops in bricks and mortar stores – The new internet generation lives and communicates on social networks using mobile devices. Because buying decisions are made very quickly, it is difficult for merchants to make sure they are at the right place at the right time to present their product or service as a viable option. Knowing a user's current location and providing timely calls to action are critical success factors for closing deals.
  • Pre-approved offers and loyalty schemes – Time-limited and targeted offers for successfully cross-/up-sell to individual customers. Mixing various kinds of promotions delivers extra value and loyalty, which is no longer possible through conventional channels
  • Interactive customer care - Individual discussions are a great way to interact with customers, but have traditionally been very resource intensive: quick response times are key to ensuring a good customer experience. Reduced strain on call centers / points of sales with a self-learning FAQ system which respects real customer needs

Partnering provides a unique service for Location based campaigns. The solution is based on widely used mobile platforms such as Android / iPhone and uses the MINE alternative customer communication channel. The solution leverages a “Chatbot” like communication style to provide yet unseen customer experience with significantly lower costs than traditional solutions!
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