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Callinspector Mobile

Callinspector Mobile CallinspectorMobile is Android app for analysis and management of telecomunication expenses. Have you ever been surprised by a bill from your mobile phone telecom provider? Take control of your Calls, SMS messages, and Data use and save money.

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Callinspector Telecom Expense Management

Callinspector Telecom Expense Management Callinspector Telecom Expense Management software solution. Do you know that you can reduce your company phone bill easily by up to 25%? Callinspector Telecom Expense Management (TEM) will help your company understand, actively manage, and reduce your telecom costs.

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Invest Button

Invest Button The basic goal of the application is to support developers who are working on a new projects. Did you ever want to be investor, but the amount you have to invest was too high? Invest button is addressed to wide group of potential investors by funding opportunities through crowdfunding.

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O2 Usage Analysis

O2 Usage Analysis Do you need advanced analysis of spending for your company? Using this application you can obtain a detailed usage analysis, overview of minutes spended on phone, sended messages and downloaded data. Also you can filter company calls from private spending for each employee.

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Bannerfarma Bannerfarm is designed for quick access, archiving and measure effectiveness of banner ads. Do you need to analyse an online banner campaign? With Bannerfarm you can do it for each banner individually and at the same time you have a picture of creative visuals and you can select which format worked best for the whole campaign.

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