Mamagement and Optimizaation of
Telco Costs
Callinspector - Telecom Expense Management (TEM) continuously helps to companies of various size to manage and optimize telecom expenses both for mobiel and fixed services.
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End2End telco contract re-negotiation

Based on detailed invoices from your telco service providers, our consultants, using the Callinspector Telecommunication Expense Management (TEM) solution, are able to determine the usage structure of individual telco users in your company. This data is followed over several prior months to control for possible outliers.

For each user the optimal contract and size of service is determined. Each user at different positions and levels in the company has different needs in terms of communication infrastructure and services. We are often faced with customers paying for services they don't use and don't need, as well as with customers not having access to services needed for the efective work of employees.

During this process any unused, or sub-optimally used phone-numbers / devices will be identified. Although this may seem as only a minor problem, our experience shows that management of phone numbers and devices causes trouble even in small companies. We see clients who have active SIM cards sitting in desk drawers, clients who have difficulties with the identification of who is using a specific device or clients who find out ex-employees are still using company telco services.

Based on the performed analysis a re-negotiation of your current telco contracts can be performed. We will benchmark you against similar companies for your better understanding of the current landscape. We provide our telco expense management consulting independent of telco service providers and guarantee complete unbiasedness.


Experience shows that savings resulting from efficient telco management (efficient use of services, identification of unused numbers and devices) and contract re-negotiation often exceed 35% of your total telco services expenses.

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