Mamagement and Optimizaation of
Telco Costs
Callinspector - Telecom Expense Management (TEM) continuously helps to companies of various size to manage and optimize telecom expenses both for mobiel and fixed services.
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Telecom Expense Management Consulting

The quality of communication channels (data as well as voice) has an un-ignorable effect on the day-to-day life of every company. Their importance is growing yet further and together with the indispensability of these services grow their total costs associated with procurement and operation. Communication expenses (data and voice) have in the past years become an important topic in cost containment discussions.

Our company, with long and broad experience in the telco field has set itself a clear goal - guaranteeing companies maximal quality of state-of-the-art service and devices, all the while maintaining optimal costs.

A successful communication strategy begins with the effective use of current communication channels. For this reason we provide End2End contract re-negotiation, which don't cost your company any additional resources. We operate on a success-fee basis. Are you really sure you are getting the necessary services at the best possible price?

Telco expense management consulting

Several surveys performed by our company at telco management meetings delivered disturbing results. We found substantial differences between what different companies where paying for telco services, even when controlling for type and amount of service. These differences are presented in Figure 1 & Figure 2.

We understand the complexities with telco contract selection and management and have thus further developed Callinspector for use by our consultants to assist companies like your own in these tasks.

A common problem companies face is the management of telco devices and contracts. A seemingly simple task – delivering an overview of devices, contracts, owners of these & their utilization – proves exceptionally complex even for small companies. Often users have services active they don’t use, or then again don’t have services active they would need.

Key services we provide

  • Telco contract optimization & management
  • Telco device management
  • Benchmarking against similar anonymous companies
  • End-to-end contract re-negotiation (analysis, device/contract management & provisioning, re-negotiation, implementation)
  • Telco OPEX & CAPEX budgeting
  • Success-fee model

Figure 1: Trend Financial Management     Figure 2: Trend Procurement Management
Figure 1: Trend Financial Management     Figure 2: Trend Procurement Management
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